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As your Austin Personal Injury Lawyer, we understand how incredibly disruptive an accident can be to your life. Although you do not have a vehicle, you still have to get to work, take care of your family, and drive to your medical treatment.

Even though someone else caused you to have injuries from the auto accident; you are not sure what to do to get your life back on track. As your Austin Car Accident Lawyer we are here to guide you with quick and accurate legal advice; allowing you to pick up the pieces. In fact, we deal with the insurance for you; so you can focus on recovery and moving on with your life.

Stephen T Bowling & Associates will act as YOUR team of Austin Personal Injury Lawyers, ensuring you are treated fairly. The insurance of the person who caused you injury has a team of lawyers on standby; so they can minimize what they pay you. We are YOUR TEAM standing by to help you; so that you are treated fairly. We provide the legal expertise needed to maneuver the auto insurance claim, through the administrative insurance process, and, if necessary, through trial.

Head injuries, concussions, fractures, whiplash, neck and back strains, and shoulder injuries are common injuries seen by an Austin car accident lawyer.  It is important to treat for injuries immediately so the insurance company won’t claim you are faking. As your Austin car accident lawyer we can guide you through this process; ensuring you get the treatment you need.

Do I need an Austin Car Accident Lawyer?

Even if you feel your car accident was minor and you can settle it yourself; Consider this: The Insurance Research Council reports that people who hire an Austin car accident lawyer get 350% more money for damages and pain and suffering than those who choose to settle alone.

While it may be true that in some incidents involving personal injury, the victim would receive some type of financial award through an insurance claim (or even directly from the responsible party); it turns out this is the exception, not the rule. In fact, there is mounting evidence that the amount they would receive would be much higher if they had retained an Austin Car Accident Lawyer.

Another separate report done by the Insurance Research Council points to the same result; that payouts were much higher when the injured party was represented by an attorney. Yet, another study by All-Industry Research Advisory Council points to the same conclusion. This makes it evident that when it comes to personal injury claims; having an Austin car accident lawyer on your side can make a large monetary difference.

Now we know why the insurance company is in contact with you shortly after an Austin Auto Accident; so they can pay you as little as possible. The insurance company knows that without an Austin car accident lawyer guiding you that they are able to pay you much less with a quick, low-ball offer.

In addition, and to many just as important, having an Austin Car Accident lawyer represent you allows you to get back into your daily routine while the Austin Car Accident Lawyer deals with the insurance for you.

Not the type to sue with an Austin Car Accident Lawyer?

The insurance company wants to deal directly with you after an accident because they know this is how to pay you as little as possible. They know you are confused and not sure what to do next. They prey on the accident victim. The insurance company knows that some people are intimidated of going to court. While they know others feel they are not able to hire an Austin Personal Injury Lawyer. Most of all, they know that tort reform has made some believe it is wrong to receive compensation.

  • Making an auto accident claim is NOT the same as suing. In fact, often we can negotiate a legal settlement without the need of the court. As your Austin Car Accident Lawyer, we use our expertise to negotiate directly with the insurance company.
  • Stephen T Bowling & Associates represent cases on a CONTINGENCY FEE basis. As a result, we act as your Austin Car Accident Lawyer with no up front fees or out of pocket expenses. In fact, we only get paid if you win or settle; allowing us to fight as your Austin Car Accident Lawyer.
  • Also, as your Austin car accident lawyer, we negotiate compensation for your accident. Our goal is to ensure you are paid for medical expenses, lost wages, and related expenses; allowing you to be compensated for actual lost money from the accident. In addition, as your Austin car accident lawyer, we also negotiate for pain and suffering. This permits you to be fairly compensated for your injuries; rather than the low ball offers typically made by the insurance company.

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