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We believe in the cycling culture and their movement toward progress.  We want cyclists and motorists to safely coexist in an ever crowding central Texas region.  We support the rights of all cyclists to safely enjoy the freedom and love of cycling.  We represent cyclists injured in traffic crashes and hold wrongdoers and insurance companies to their obligations.  If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being injured while bicycling call Stephen T Bowling & Associates for a free consultation.

The Austin bicycle accident lawyers at Stephen T Bowling & Associates know the dangers bicyclists face while riding on city streets and through the beautiful Texas hill country. As Hill Country Bicycle Lawyers and Austin bike crash lawyers we are committed to holding negligent drivers accountable for injuries caused to bicyclist. As Austin bike riders, we feel that by ensuring negligent drivers are held accountable it makes the roads safer for both other bike riders and the public as a whole.

If you or a loved one is injured in an Austin bike accident, contact the Austin bicycle accident lawyers at Stephen T Bowling & Associates for a free case evaluation. There is never a fee unless we are able to resolve your Austin bicycle accident case for you.

Holding Drivers Responsible For Causing Collisions with Bicyclists

Many bicyclists are severely injured due to the negligence of other drivers on the road who fail to pay attention or drive recklessly. Unfortunately, the same beauty and scenery that makes biking the Texas Hill Country so appealing can lead to serious injuries when drivers are not paying attention while navigating the windy two lane roads that are shared by cyclist. When cars or other types of vehicles hit bicyclists there is little room for forgiveness as bicyclists are likely to sustain serious or even fatal injuries.

From the time we are retained by an injured bicyclist, our Austin bike accident lawyers begin an investigation into the circumstances that may have caused or contributed to the accident. Stephen T Bowling & Associates has investigators, some of whom are former police officers, who are skilled in retrieving evidence from the scene and securing witness statements to attempt to gather evidence before it is lost or destroyed.

Injuries Encountered By Austin Cyclists

Even as a bike friendly community Austin cyclists face dangers while riding in bike lanes and are at risk from inattentive drivers. As a result, Stephen T Bowling & Associates helps Austin bicyclists injured on bike lanes and roadways.

Although there are many injuries that can be sustained in a bicycle-motor vehicle crash, the most serious is a head injury. Brain injuries are the number one cause of death in bicycle accidents and can leave survivors with life-long disabilities. Due to the seriousness and longevity of these types of injuries it is vital that cyclists have legal representation to help them recover financial damages in an Austin bicycle accident case.

When a bicyclists sustains a traumatic brain injury, Stephen T Bowling & Associates may retain an expert in the field of neurophysiology to help explain the significance of the injury to a jury. Not all impacts of a brain injury are immediately apparent and an expert can help a jury determine the personal and financial consequences of the serious injury.

Take Action Today To Ensure Your Legal Rights Are Not Compromised Following an Austin Bicycle Accident

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your bicycle injury, we invite you to speak with our experienced Austin bike injury lawyers today. There is never a charge to speak for an initial consultation. Stephen T Bowling & Associates has investigators, including former police officers, who are skilled in retrieving evidence from the scene and securing witness statements. Before you talk with the insurance company talk to our Austin bike accident law firm today.

How We Can Help You After a Bicycle Accident

Stephen T Bowling & Associates can assist in handling bicycle accident cases for cyclists in the Austin area and throughout Texas. Areas that a cyclist may be compensated for are:

  1. Medical Expenses including past and future care.
  2. Past and Future Pain and Suffering from the time of the incident through the time the injury is resolved.
  3. Past and Future Lost Wages when a cyclist cannot work or return to his or her employment at the time of the accident he may recover lost wages.
  4. Property Damages a cyclist may recover compensation for damage to his bicycle and gear damaged in an accident caused by a negligent driver.

How Our Firm Can Help You With Your Bicycle Accident Case

While no one can anticipate getting injured in an Austin bicycle crash, the steps you take following an accident will have a direct outcome on your ability to recover from the party responsible for your injuries. As a Texas bike accident law firm committed to protecting the legal rights of cyclists injured in Austin, our lawyers will do the following initial investigation as part of your case:

  • Order police reports.
  • Subpoena video of a collision.
  • Secure any witness statements.
  • Obtain medical records and bills.
  • Consult with experts including accident reconstructionists, doctors, and economists to explain the extent of your injuries.
  • Assist with getting your bicycle repaired.
  • Investigate how and why a collision occurred.

Whatever the circumstance of your Austin bike accident, we encourage you to contact the staff at Stephen T Bowling & Associates. As with all of our Austin personal injury cases, our Austin bicycle accident cases are handled exclusively on a contingency fee basis. This means we only earn a fee when there is a recovery for you. If we are unable to secure a recovery for you our services are completely free. Call us anytime or complete the free consultation request online to be contacted for your injury.

Austin Bicycle Accident

Knowing the Laws:

Crash Card Front

Crash Card Front

  • Answers to frequently asked Austin biking questions.
  • A person operating a bicycle has generally the same rights and responsibilities as when he/she operates a motor vehicle. More information is available via the City of Austin, which has compiled several links to Austin ordinances and Texas statutes.
  • General Smart Cycling Tipsfrom the League of American Bicyclists.
  • In the unfortunate incident that you are involved in a crash, have this crash card on hand to collect the appropriate information.

    Crash Card Back

    Crash Card Back

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