How do I report a Car Accident?

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As an Austin Personal Injury Attorney I am often asked how should a victim report an accident. The way you report an incident depends on the type of injury that occurred. If the incident occurred at a business or location that has video surveillance, that could prove invaluable later. If this is the case it is best to contact our office so that we can acquire that surveillance before it is written over by the security system. This typically does not occur because the property owner is attempting to hide evidence, but security systems are designed to record over old footage if not saved due to the expense of storing footage.

Now, if the accident was a car wreck, it’s important to get a record of the collision. You should call 911 and request the police department to come to the scene. The police department then creates a Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report if it’s for damages above a statutory minimum.

When the officer completes this report, you will typically have access to the crash report within 10 days. In the crash report you will have access to all the information about the case. This includes the information of the person that hit you, any witnesses from the scene, and any other parties or passengers. This report can be obtained online.

In certain circumstances the police will not respond to the scene of the accident. When this happens you need to complete a “blue form” as soon as possible. This ensures that the accident is properly documented. In addition to the blue form, you should also take pictures and videos. Events happen quickly in an accident, and it is easy to forget. If there is a future dispute over who is at fault, the video and pictures can prove invaluable.

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