What is my claim worth?

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As an Austin Personal Injury Attorney I am often asked what is my claim worth? The value of your claim varies widely given the individual facts of the case. We often see cases where an individual has tried to resolve the case themselves or gone through an attorney who is not as experienced in resolving personal injury cases. In these cases, the claim may already be damaged by statements made to the insurance company. Often, the statements made are taken out of context and used by the insurance company to minimize the value of your claim that they offer.

What we see is the insurance company rarely, if ever, wants to compensate for all the legal damages you are entitled to. Legal damages include medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, etc. We approach the case with the intention to go to trial. This allows us to show the insurance company we are serious about this claim. This, in turn, teaches the insurance companies that we take this claim serious and that we expect full legal compensation on this claim for our client.

The insurance companies know that if they go to trial they can be hit with a huge judgment. In fact, if the insurance company turns down a demand for the policy limit of the policy holder, the insurance company is responsible for the full judgment given by the jury. Once we show the insurance company we are serious about pursuing your case, the insurance company becomes more realistic with offers on your claim.

Of course, we understand that many of our clients do not want to go to trial. Many cases do not go to trial but by focusing on where the case may end it allows us to negotiate for you to be properly compensated.

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